Making Grown Up Food Choices: Bye Bye Kid Food

Have you ever thought about food in terms of kid food versus grown up food?

When I was a young teenager, I loved kid foods. I regularly visited the convenience store and bought packages of Oreos, candy, dried out looking honey buns, sodas, and chocolate covered nuts. I was a steady customer at the Burger King near my high school and always got a cookie at the mall when shopping with my friends.

A lot of people I knew during that time of my life “outgrew” the taste for kiddie or juvenile foods and moved more into adult or grown-up foods, but not me.

In fact, as I moved out of my teen years and into my early twenties, my love of juvenile foods contributed to me gaining 150 pounds.

In college I had a very poor diet and it mostly consisted of kiddie, or juvenile foods. I ate a lot of fast food, a lot of Ramen noodles, tons of sweets (probably literally tons), and very little healthy foods that are part of any diet – kid or adult.

Adult vs Juvenile Food: How It Made Me Gain 150 Pounds

Now I know that there are not really grown up and kiddie foods, but I do know that kiddie foods (i.e.: junk foods), do tend to naturally appeal to kids and a lot of grown ups.

My love of foods that kids cannot seem to resist and adults should know better than to eat all day long was extremely detrimental to my health, my appearance, and my weight.

At the age of 26, my doctor told me my blood pressure was a bit higher than he would like. I weighed about 275 pounds at the time. My cholesterol wasn’t great, I was tired all the time, and it was difficult to move around. My knees hurt after I walked for awhile and I got out of breath very easily.

All that junk food was catching up to me.

You would think I would have turned my back on kiddie food long before I did. But, no. I was stubborn. Even when I was supposed to be dieting, you would find me scarfing orange crackers with peanut butter at my desk. I’d justify my choice by saying that peanut butter was good for me.

orange cracker

It is – but not when processed beyond recognition and smeared on a brightly colored orange cracker.

Although there was nothing good about gaining 150 pounds in terms of my health, my appearance, or my self-esteem, there were good things that came about as I lost that same 150 pounds.

I learned that kiddie/juvenile foods were not only bad for me, they were bad for my kids as well! I stopped buying junky foods that marketers advertise to children and learned to prepare and enjoy more adult foods. (i.e.: real food)

Now, when I see aisles full of junk such as this one at my local Kroger I easily pass it by.

Kroger Junk Food

I know that the ingredients in those brightly colored packages do nothing for my health, are terrible for weight management, and are addictive in nature.

Instead of feeling sad that I don’t eat those foods any longer, I feel empowered that I have moved past the focus of filling up on kiddie food and fueling my body with healthy foods that are good for everyone – no matter what their age.

Did you find it hard to move past eating junk food to more “adult” (healthy foods) in your attempt to lose weight? Diane

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