Why Should You Exercise While Losing Weight?

Losing weight is only part of the equation. The number on the scale is important, but equally important is how healthy and fit you are. Morbid obesity plagued me like a bad dream, and my unfit body was a constant reminder of how bad I looked. Lack of energy, low self confidence and depression just added to my feelings of low self esteem. [Read More…]

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199 pounds on the scale

Getting Below 200 Pounds: A Huge Victory

305 pounds was about 150 pounds more than I should have been carrying around as a 5’10” woman in her 20s and 30s. The truth is that walking around with an extra 150 pounds on my frame left me fatigued, tired, frustrated, and quite frankly – disgusted with my appearance and my life. Every time   Continue Reading…

Do Not Eat It If You Do Not Like It

Do You Have to Eat Food You Do Not Like When Losing Weight?

What do all these foods have in common? Greek yogurt Wheatgrass Blueberries Green tea Salmon Spinach Acai juice Steel cut oats Avocados These foods are all on various “superfoods” lists. Superfoods lists vary a bit from website to website, but the general principle remains the same. Superfoods are supposed to be super good for you   Continue Reading…

Setting Weight Loss Goals?

Weight Loss Goals Without the Scale

Everyone has goals, even small children. When I was little I always had some goal or achievement  I was striving for.  Whether it was being the class monitor in grade school, finishing well in the swim meet, or winning a prize in high school, I was always trying to better myself.  I didn’t always succeed in   Continue Reading…

Small Steps to Weight Loss

10 Small Steps That Work for Weight Loss

When a baby gets mobile she doesn’t just stand up one day and run. Instead she rolls around, gets up on all fours and rocks, crawls backwards for a bit, figures out how to crawl forward, and eventually stands and walks. It is a process that takes some time. Some babies figure it out by   Continue Reading…

The more people, the more we eat.

Do You Eat More When in a Group?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.  Fill up this table with a bunch of people and what happens to your calorie count? It likely goes way, way up.

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Egg Basket

5 Healthy Add-Ins to Spice Up Eggs

Have you jumped on the “Eggs Are Great” bandwagon yet? I see a lot of people using scrambled or fried eggs as a breakfast, lunch, or even dinner option. I have always liked eggs and was never fully convinced that eggs were terrible for you. And like so many things, what is bad for you   Continue Reading…

Baked Apple SlicesT

Baked Apple Slices: Healthy and Simple

If your family loves apple pie but you hate to make them or are trying to save a few calories, baked apple slices are a terrific alternative. My boys (and girls) love to make baked apple slices. It’s so simple they can do it themselves with a minimum of supervision. Of course they do not   Continue Reading…

Cumin Chicken with Black Beans

Cumin Chicken with Black Beans and Corn

We love Mexican food but I do not like going to Mexican restaurants. I never know exactly what is in the food and it is so expensive when compared to the cost of making the same thing at home. The other night I had some boneless skinless chicken I needed to use up but did   Continue Reading…

Homemade Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers

Whole Wheat Homemade Ritz Crackers

Do you have an affection for Ritz crackers but know in your heart they are not good for you? The ingredient list reads like a chemical mixture rather than a food you should eat. I have always liked the crackers but rarely buy them because I know that they have no nutritional value, are easy   Continue Reading…