Cheat Days: Fantastic or A Fail?

Cheat days for weight loss

The term “cheat day” in weight loss was not familiar to me when I was losing 150 pounds. In fact, it was well after I reached my final weight that I even heard the term.

Now I see the term very frequently. I see it on blogs, in weight loss articles on the Internet, and even in some books. Whenever I see that term, it concerns me.

Why? Here are eight concerns I have with cheat days:

1. Cheat days imply that there is something to cheat on.

A permanent lifestyle change allows for you to eat foods you enjoy and fit into your weight loss plan without feeling like you are cheating.

2. Cheat days imply that weight loss is a negative experience and one we need to be released from.

Weight loss is hard. I totally understand that, but on the whole, it can be a positive experience because you are changing your life for the good.

3. Cheat days take away from developing new habits.

If you decide to have a cheat day when losing weight will you make that a habit after you get to your goal weight? I’m not saying you can’t do that because it is your decision, but I am asking if that is your long-term intention?

4. Cheat days make you feel as though some foods are off-limits.

I definitely have some foods I avoid completely; however, if you utilize a cheat day to eat all those “off-limit” foods on your list are you really preparing yourself to handle all the tempting foods in your life?

5. Cheat days can set you up for failure if high sugar/high fat foods are your weakness.

This one is totally self explanatory. :)

6. Cheat days can seem like a reward for being “good” on your diet.

I’m all about rewards but not food rewards. If your cheat day is to reward yourself for doing well during the week, think about whether this is a good long-term strategy.

7. Cheat days are an unnecessary distraction.

I’ve had friends who counted down the days until their “cheat day!” I teased them that they were so busy planning their cheat day that they were missing out on the good parts of their diet experience.

8. Cheat days can undo good work from the prior week.

Cheat days without a calorie limit really can cause your weight loss to be slower than it needs to be. If you go wild and eat 3,500 calories in a single day, that can slow down your weight loss for the week.

You can probably tell that I have real concerns about cheat days because I’ve seen lots of people struggle with them. I’ve known people who look forward to cheat days and sometimes end up adding in an extra cheat day during the week and over time the cheat days become more numerous until they have fallen off the wagon completely.

What I really am concerned about is that the concept of a cheat day may cause some people to avoid embracing a new, permanent lifestyle and instead cling to the old way of living.

I guess my feeling is – if you want to eat it – make that decision for yourself and don’t call it a cheat.

How do you feel? Cheat days beneficial or a big no-no? Diane

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